Our Leadership

In Swahili, the word shukuru means grateful or thankful.  Each day, I am thankful for the freedom that I was born in to and the ability to pursue my dreams and passions.  My love for travel has allowed me to encounter some amazing cultures.  Yet many of these cultures are in danger of being lost due to circumstances of poverty, limited resources or lack of the ability to promote sustainable futures.  I created this foundation to share with you some of these amazing people and hope that they will inspire you as much as they have inspired me.  It is because of these people that I strive to be a better person and to give back in ways that I never imagined. 

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Love and peace,

Michael Notrica

Founder and President
The Shukuru Foundation

Michael Notrica - President (US)

  • Michael is a passionate film maker and photographer.  Although only a freshman studying film production at Emerson College in Boston, Michael's most recent documentary film project on youth and the Egyptian revolution has been selected to be screened in over five film festivals around the world.  Michael hopes to use his story telling to promote social consciousness.  Michael is an avid traveler and citizen of the world. 

Michelle Notrica - Secretary (US)

  • Michelle is an attorney, a pharmacist and an MPH Candidate in International Health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.  Michelle is passionate about social and health issues impacting low income countries.  She has participated in humanitarian projects in Haiti and Africa.  Michelle is inspired by this quote from Jeffrey Sachs, "We need to face the reality that humanity shares a common fate on a crowded planet.”

Darryl Tenenbaum - Treasurer (US)

  • Darryl has over 25 years of experience in the financial service industry specializing in the field of internal auditing. He is an experienced leader with substantial experience in the development, implementation and management of corporate audit, risk identification and risk management programs. Darryl received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Dowling College and is a  Certified Internal Auditor. He enjoys volunteering as youth soccer referee.

Silas Kioyaren - Director, Laikipia Maasai Projects (Kenya)

  • Silas is a social entrepreneur and a passionate safari guide. He is a founding partner of Bush Adventures, an innovative eco-tourism company that helps the Laikipia Maasai showcase and preserve their traditional lifestyle.  After completing his studies, Silas worked at Lewa conservancy as personal assistant to Delia Craig, in charge of all the family's community projects. He worked extensively on healthcare projects (mobile eye surgery clinics) and in education, with Lewa Education Trust, SENET and more recently the Mizizi project in Sereolipi. In his free time Silas loves to go into the bush and spend time with his cattle.

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