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The women of the Laikipia Maasai have created these amazing bracelets for us.  Each bracelet is unique and handcrafted.  Remember, each one is unique so sizes may vary.  By purchasing a Shukuru Bracelet you are supporting the work done by our foundation and directly helping the women who made the bracelets to become self-sufficient.

Size information:

The bracelets do not have a clasp.  They are meant to be tight when slid over the hand but fit comfortably on the wrist.  All bracelets are unisex and only vary in size and color.  They can be worn in water.

- Child - approx. 4-5 cm diameter
- Female/Small - approx. 5.5-6 cm diameter
- Medium/Large - approx. 6-6.5 cm diameter
- Extra Large (limited) - approx. 7cm diameter


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